Our history

Santo SpallinaThe history and tradition of the Spallina mill began over 70 years ago, in 1927, a period bridging 2 wars, when bread and pasta, staple foods, assumed an importance far greater than what they are today. It was in August of that year that Santo Spallina, grandfather of the actual owners, decided to get started in the milling business by buying a mill. "St. Joseph's Mill, " with grindstones (Mole) powered by a carbon fossil fuel engine (Antracite type) of HP 25, and a production capacity of 130 Kg/ h was located in Villapriolo (EN) the current head quarters of the firm. In 1950, a number of factors contributed to the transformation of the small stone plant into a mill with cylinders which was a little larger; the increase in demand, the substitution of new technologies for milling durum wheat and the desire to always have a product which was consistent and differentiated from its competitors. In 1959 after the sudden disappearance of the owner, the sons Giuseppe and Santo, having inherited the passion of producing good finely ground bran, continued in the footsteps of their father. Years passed and their activity progressed from an artisan trade to an industrial activity. In 1997 the third generation followed, the sons Rosario and Maurizio, equipping themselves with the most sophisticated milling machines, Quadro di Comandodeveloped microbiological tests, chemical and physical to conduct on both domestic and imported grain to grind only on finished product, in order to give their clients an even further guarantee. The objective for 2000, having completed H.A.C.C.P. certification, is achieving ISO 9002/94, in order to give a certified guarantee to their clients, above and beyond the quality that they have always delivered.



Tradition would have that the goddess Cerere was the first to introduce the cultivation of grain in Sicily. The island of Sicily in fact represented the principal head quarters of the cult following the goddess Cerere-Demetra, and the city of Enna where a temple dedicated to her used to be, was particularly sacred to her. Statua di LegnoOur firm is based there, in the centre of the island of Sicily, the land to which the ancient Greeks gave the name the granary of Italy, where respect and passion for cereal cultivation has origins which may be from long ago but which have strong roots. In 1997 the mill was completely restructured; sophisticated machinery for the grinding of grain was installed, electronics to support the experience and knowledge of milling were inserted, a self regulatory plan to guarantee the hygiene of food products was developed, as provided for by the norms in force (Digs. 155/97). However, the principal of producing good finely ground bran remained.


The acquisition of the best grain has always been the most important phase of our activity, because we know that from a good grain one will get good finely ground bran. A number of factors permit us to obtain a finely ground bran; the direct knowledge of our suppliers, microbiological tests, both chemical and physical, on the most highly valued grain from the mountainous zones of central Sicily, our Spigacare and treatment in the various phases of production, from cleaning and milling the grain to stocking and packaging the products. The bran possessing certain characteristics (proteins, gluttons etc.) that meet the highest standards of quality, then becomes the primary essential ingredient for the production of durum wheat bread. The bread in turn possesses those distinct qualities for our clients (crusty crust, soft bread with fine and uniform bread crumbs, long shelf life, characteristic smell and taste, high water absorption rate) that differentiate it from any other bread.


In terms of distribution of product we abide by the following saying: "If you want to see how serious a person is, grant him an appointment". Following this rule our organisation and experience to date enable us to carry out your order with sobriety, certainty and speed. We will make sure that you receive your order speedily and with certainty, employing trusted road haulage contractors. These contractors guarantee us delivery all over Italy (in 3/6 days for full cargoes of 30,000kg) in a short period of time, both in tankers for the transport of loose food products and on lorries centred for that transport of sacks on euro banks.

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