Durum wheat Bran
Finely ground durum wheat Bran
Durum wheat bran

and fine bran We are happy to supply all our products in the following packages: 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, 50kg and we are equipped to load tankers for loose product.

Durum wheat Bran

Ideal for the production of fresh pasta, rolled pasta etc.

A small segment of our production, but one that is always as meticulously executed is dedicated to the production of bran for confectionery.

We are able to supply you with a type of "calibrated" bran, ideal for the production of fresh pasta, egg pasta, capable of adapting itself to several varieties of food processing.

Durum wheat finely ground bran

Ideal for food processing and production of: soft bread (with long shelf life) special bread, "box" bread, ciabatta, focaccia, and pizza.

For more than 70 years we have been producing durum wheat finely ground bran, obtained from a careful milling of the best durum wheat selected, domestic and imported. It is an essential ingredient for bread making with the following characteristics: crusty crust, soft bread, fine and uniform bread crumbs, long shelf life, characteristic smell and taste, high water absorption rate, qualities that differentiate it from any other bread.

It should be remembered that durum wheat finely ground bran, given the elevated capacity of water absorption, compared to a soft grain flour, permits bread making with much higher yields (approximately 40%).

Organoleptic characteristics

Humidity 15.5%
Dry ashes 0.85%
Dry gluttons 12.25%
Dried proteins 13.88%
Alveogramma di chopin W = 220 x 10-5 ergs
Colour 8 (1-10)
Glutton qualities Optimum, elastic

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All phases of production are kept under continuous inspection to guarantee the total hygiene of products, according to H.A.C.C.P. (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), D.L. 155/97.

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